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Charter Boat - Piscary | Published by: Matt Rowe | Skipper of: Piscary

Image of the charter boat Piscary
Image of charter boat skipper Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe

Boat Details

Type8m Cougar Cat
PowerPowered by twin 250hp FPT engines
LicenceMCA 60 miles
Persons12 + Crew

Contact Details

Phone01202 473775
Mobile07775 756269


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Piscary Blog   Updated 10th Apr 2018


Blog image Running regular sea fishing trips from Poole,
Piscary is a fast modern well equipped and very roomy for her size Cougar cat, well placed on Poole quay it's just a short ride down the harbour, with the Isle of Wight to the east and perbeck hills to the west, Poole Bay is one of the most sheltered venues around.
All aspects of sea angling can be catered for in Poole, from floundering in the harbour to mid channel wrecking, sharking for huge porbegles or bagging out on bream you name it we've got it.

Catering for all types of anglers from the crack match man, specimen hunter's and complete beginner's are all welcome, rod hire is avaliable and bait can be supplied by prior arrangement. Although Piscary is licenced for 12 anglers most groups who charter the boat come with 10 people or less and indivduals are always welcome I don't mind if we don't get a boat full as it gives me a chance to get my rod out.

The boat is available for charter or indivduals 7 day a week 364 days a year for any duration from 3hours to a typical 8 hour charter to 10 hour mid channel, evening trip or night trip.Piscary is a fully independent charter boat , can not be booked through any booking agent or middle man and can only be booked through the owner Skipper Matt Rowe.Please check out the website


Skippers Blog


Spring has sprung in Poole!

Fishing has really started to pick up from Poole this week with Plaice, Smoothound, Congers,Bullhuss, Wrasse, herring,Thornback Ray,Spurdogs and Ling all being boated

First image of three

21lb Spurdog for Darren Phillips

First image of three

16lb Undulate Ray for Roy Freeman

First image of three

First Cuckoo of the season caught by Darren Phillips

First image of three

Ling for the Captain

All ready for the new season

Boat back in the water after annual clean up and refit all ready for the new season!


Fishing it's head off again

November has been another great month on Piscary not only for shed loads of decent Whiting but plenty of Specimen fish as well Undulate Rays including a 17lb 8oz specimen caught by Pawel,Conger up to 53lb caught by Owen Masters, loads of Spurdogs best one caught by Steve Collins at 20lb which is fish of the month and a new pb for him,Bullhuss to 13lb caught by Dave Colclough and the icing on the cake the very last fish of Nov a 22lb Turbot caught by Gary Dennis a new Piscary record.

image one of five


image two of five


image three of five


image four of five


image five of five


Fishing it's head off

The fishing this September has been real Quality with some great fish including Plaice Gurnards ,Bream to 4lb,Big Brill,Rays,Long,Congers,Triggers, Sole.Fish of the month goes to Steve Collins with a Piscary boat record Cuckoo Wrasse of 1lb 11oz

First image of three

Piscary record Grey Gurnard for Steve Hill


Piscary records smashed

3 Piscary records were broken in 2 days first Dean Lewis of the Warren AC had a 22lb Spurdog but the very next day Steve Churchill went one better with a Spurdog of 23lb also that day Darren Phillips had 5lb Spotted Ray also a Piscary Record .

First image of three

Steve Churchill 23lb Spurdog

First image of three

Dean Lewis 22lb Spurdog

First image of three

Darren Phillips 5lb Spotted Ray



Blog image Well done Steve
Great smoothound 15lb plus great to see big hounds being caught from Poole this spring.


Blog image Still fishing realy well from Poole
Lots of good Rays lots of Plaice plus the odd bonus Turbot and Brill incuding the whopper caught by Dave a new PB for him of 17lb 2oz


Blog image Boat Record
Smashed the Piscary Smalleyed Ray record again this weekend when Julian boated this great fish of 12lb 6oz wich is 112.5% of the specimen size and is a great contender for fish of the month.No change at the top of the species hunt but Richard W did get a Silver Eel putting the boat on 44.


Blog image Fish of the month for July
Paul Harris with a 6lb 2oz John Dory he wins a Bongee Spongee.


Blog image At last we have had a chance to do some Floundering ,first with the EFSA fun day friendly Flounder comp, the Flounders weren't around in large numbers but they were quality fish with the majority being well over 2lb .Not sure of the full result but top rods on Piscary were Neil Bryant with 3 fish for 110cm, 2nd was Ray Ashby with 2 fish for 85cm .The Piscary species hunters had a very similar day with 4 out of 7 anglers boating PB Flounders the best one falling to Dave C at 2lb 15oz which is also a new Piscary record .Dave and Richard W are now joint leaders in the species hunt both on 6 .


Blog image Fish of the month for June was an estimated 125lb Blue Shark caught by Steve Parks he wins a Bungee Spongee and as its a first for Piscary and the best specimen we have ever had at 250% he also gets a free midweek individual trip.

Fish of the month for August was Roy Adams with a 12lb Bass narrowly beating Lee Van with a new Piscary record Red Gurnard of 1lb 9oz.