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Charter Boat - Duchess II | Published by: Jeff Clarke | Skipper of: Duchess II

Image of the charter boat Duchess II
Image of charter boat skipper Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke

Boat Details

Type33' Aquastar (Fast Fisherman)
PowerFord Sabre
LicenceMCA 60 miles
Pax12 + Crew

Skipper Details

SkipperJeff Clarke
AddressWreckers Cottage
AddressGeorge Street
TownWest Bay
County Dorset
Post CodeDT6 4EL
Phone01308 425494
Mobile07778 315778
About Duchess II   Last Updated 29th Mar 2017 at 4:51 pm


Duchess has just had her end of season re-fit and has just passed her 5 year survey with the M.C.A.She is an Aquastar 33 fast Fisherman powered by a newly fitted in October 2015 a 280 mermaid turbo plus diesel engine,by Dan Shuttle marine of Weymouth ., Duchess has a Flush deck with Cool Box to keep your catch fresh Live Bait Tank plus plenty of room for all your tackle boxes .Duchess is licensed for 12 passengers plus 2 crew, the crew will clean and prepare your fish for you to take home. There is plenty of free Tea & Coffee all day plus a microwave to heat your pies up if required. Duchess also has a fully W.C facility.We have parking alongside the boat and have parking permits on board just pop on to the boat and see the skipper.

I am Jeff Clarke I am the Owner/Skipper of Duchess II.

I have been running a charter boat for 30+years of off the South West coast. Starting at West Bay then more recently Weymouth about 20 years ago. I have been fishing on angling boats and the shore for 55+ years as keen angler myself I have a wealth of knowledge to share .After some 30 years Reluctantly we have decided to pull out of west bay harbour as it is a tidal harbour which restricts our times plus a sand bar that builds in the entrance causing damage to Props etc. and the quality of fishing at Weymouth far out weighs the fishing in Lyme bay .At Weymouth we can offer parking alongside the boat plus solid pontoons for boarding passengers safely ,we can also adjust times to suit customers as there are no tidal restrictions. We can offer free transport from west bay if you are staying there on holidays as we are living there at present.

Bookings are now being taken for 2017. Please call 01308 425494 or you can get me on my mobile 07778 315778.You will all be pleased to know we are keeping our Reef ,Drift and Wreck & Reef and off shore wreck Fishing prices the same as last year so ring for details

We are available for charters and individuals beginners and accomplished fishing persons are all welcome aboard Duchess. We can offer all inclusive deals for private groups Stag parties ,corporate days, light cargo work & a gift voucher system . Why not check out my individuals for availability if you like.ALL INCLUSIVE DEALS ARE AVAILABLE PHONE FOR DETAILS 07778315778.During august and september we will have Reef bank trips available including rods bait and tackle for £30 all inclusive (4hrs fishtarget fish Bream Rays Huss and Conger)



  Skippers Blog


First image of three

Steve Thomas with his P.B-18lb Turbot caught on the 1 Dec 2016

Second image of three

Geoff Dyke with his crcking 16lb Spurdog caught in Feb 2017

Last image of three

A cracking 19lb Turbot caught by Caroline on Mackerel strip on a running Ledger trace


This years Flatties Season is now starting to get under way and lets hope it is a good as 2014 which was one of the best flatties seasons we have had with many Turbot Brill & Plaice being caught of the Shambles Bank ,with Turbot well in double figures being caught using a running ledger with a plain trace & 3/0 hook baited with a strip of Mackerel you can catch the Plaice on 1/0 hooks with beads baited with bunched ragworm tipped with Squid , Here Is a cracking Braceof Brill of 9lb 5ozs by Paul Gale

Blog image  Bank Fishing.

With the time of year as we draw nearer the Spring the Huss Rays Cod Conger and Smoothound upon us with large baits on the bottom on a pennel or a running ledger you could bag yourself a cracking double figure fish .You also at this time of year of catching a cracking Smoothhounds thats great Sport on light tackle we also Have.The year is marching on and the Channel whiting are making an appearance .Here is a great example of a 19lb Undulate Ray caught by John Gallegher

Blog image  BANK FISHING .

With the wind fresh from the East on the way out to the bank for Whiting Cod Huss and Congers it soon settled down and turned into the fair days weather that was fore cast we were not disappointed with the fish feeding all day Whiting in abundance upto 5lb 2oz The Cod have been great condition off the reefs this year and well in double figures heres a great example of a 16lb Cod caught by Mick .


The Bream have now started showing down to the east of Weymouth within the next month then slowly travel there way down to the west here's the first one for last year so why not Break out your light gear ready for the fight of your life with these hard fighting fish..heres Roy Shipway with an early Bream

Blog image  BASS TIME

As the season rolls it is the best time for the Bass on the many Wrecks & Portland Race to start with on live sand eels then on the Shads they are a greatly prized to many an angler and a great eating fish for your table .With prime fish to be caught using a portland rig or flying collar rig & long trace with either your sand eel or shad ,whilst drifting over the ground using a slow retreive and the Bass will attack like a steam train .Until January is the time for the big bass into double figures .Heres a lovely double figure bass caught Off Shore Wrecking as seen in Sea angling News.along with Pollack Black Bream and Plaice.The Bass are now at there best from now untill the end of the year when the water cools of heres a cracking bass caught 1nov 2016 the has are showing now in a abundance.unfortunately we are now on a Bass ban until the 1st of July so all have to be returned.


The Pollack are now starting to show on the Wreck off shore as the water cools for the winter you stand a chance of a big one using either shads our jelly Worms tipped with Rag Worm ,like this cracking 18lb 5ozs Pollack caught by the skipper this was one of many caught of a similar size all caught on Jelly Worm tipped with rag worm on .The pollack cod and ling are now showing in abundance on the wrecks.

Blog image  BANK FISHING

With the colder weather creeping in we now have the winter fish coming with Cod Whiting Rays Huss and Congers out in Weymouth bay not more than 40 mins from the harbour heres an example of a cracking Cod of 17lb 4oz caught by regular angler Dave Pettigrew using Squid bait not more than 30 mins from the harbour on rough ground using a pennel rig .

Blog image  Bank Fishing.

Summer has arrived and we are still spoilt for fish in Weymouth when the weather allows there are Rays Huss and Cod to be caught, heres a lovely example of a Blonde Ray caught of Weymouth weighing 26lb on a running ledger with a whole Squid tipped with Mackerel as Bait caught by Regular angler Chris Reekes .why not come along and see if you could get a fish of a life time !!!

Blog image  Off Shore Wreck fishing

Now is the time of year the off shore wrecks really start to produce some cracking new season pollack in double figures they are cracking sport to catch with also the possibility of landing yourself a Ling or Cod we headed out wrecking on days weather to good to miss although we were 4 people down we managed Cod Pollack Ling and Bass here is Andy with his 26lb Ling

Blog image  Reef and wreck Fishing.

Th Reef and Banks are fishing well at the moment with many Rays Blonde Undulate spotted Thornbacks etc plus Cod Bream and Tope they give a great fight on light gear. There is plenty to catch on the reef this time of year with Cod being on the menu like this cracking cod caught by we had many Cod and Pollack on the inshore wrecks to the with Cod were mainly around the5-10 lb. Here's a cracking 40lb Tope caught by Leah Harris


We are looking forward to the Plaice season although flat last year the signs are looking good for this year ,with plenty of beads on a small trace and a 1/0hook baited with bunched Rag Worm tipped with squid we then attach to a running ledger simplicity Is the key when fishing the mussel beds other Add to dictionary end up with a huge tangle or catching the bottom ,Why not come and have a go you stand a good chance of catching a 7lber caught by Roy Holden seen here.