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Charter Boat - Meerkat | Published by: Ryan Casey | Skipper of: Meerkat

Image of the charter boat Meerkat
Image of charter boat skipper Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey

Boat Details

Type11 Metre BW Seacat
Power2 x 200hp Diesels
LicenceMCA 60 Miles

Skipper Details

SkipperRyan Casey
Address36 Goldcroft Avenue
County Dorset
Post CodeDT4 0ET
Mobile07776 182782
About Meerkat   'Blog' Last Updated 14th Dec 2017 at 3:47 pm

Weymouth Deep Sea Fishing Trips

These can easily be arranged by using my Contact Me page.

The Meerkat is an exceptionally stable vessel both at anchor and on the drift,
At 11 metres x 4.5 metres she has plenty of room for all on-board,
Powered by twin 200hp turbo charged diesels she will cruise very comfortably at 15 knots and will achieve 23 knots at sprint speed.

Safe and Stable.
Safety and Stability is the key to a successful days sea fishing, if you feel safe, secure and comfortable you are far more likely to enjoy your days deeps sea fishing, if you are looking for a good day at sea catching some great sea fish then you have come to the right place!

As a fishing platform, she is excellent, she makes very little fuss in the water due to her very fine entry bows and because she makes little fuss she is also a very dry boat even at speed in choppy waters!

The secret to her stability is due to her being a displacement boat instead of an ordinary planning boat, this means she cuts through the waves instead of crashing over them.


About Ryan

Here is a little about my history and how I have come to be the skipper of Meerkat.

I am a born and bread local lad, I started angling at three years old with my dad down on the piers in Weymouth catching a variety of small species, from these first initial adventures with a rod I very quickly became hooked.

My first trips boat angling were again with my dad on his boat Blue Dart which was based in Weymouth. We used to fish the many reef and bank marks in and round the Weymouth and Portland area.
This began my interest in boats and boating and throughout the years angling and boating developed from an initial hobby to a total passion.

I have been an active member of Weymouth Angling Society from a junior taking part in their monthly shore and boat competitions for many years which has allowed me to hone and develop my skills in all aspects of angling.

I was very fortunate in July 2014 to be selected to represent England youth in the Shore Home Internationals held in Montrose, Scotland where we were honoured to win Team Gold.

Also in September 2014 I was again selected to represent England Youth this time from the boat and this time in the World Championships held in Weymouth. We were once again honoured to claim Bronze in this event behind a very strong Italian and French Teams.

2015 will see me once again represent my country in the World Youth Shore Championships in Holland.

I first got into the world of Charter boat angling in 2011 when I was given the opportunity by Lyle Stantiford, skipper of Supanova in Weymouth to lend a hand and pass on some of my knowledge to his customers at weekends and during school holidays. I very quickly realised that this was my dream job and hopefully one day would become a reality.

I continued with Lyle full time on leaving school in 2013, this was when I really began the learning process of how to be a successful skipper. All the time I was asking questions and noting things down, Marks, Tides, where to be and when etc and also at the same time clocking up my sea time and experience to qualify to sit my yachtmaster offshore practical exam.

In the early part of 2015 I successfully passed my Yachtmaster after 11 hours at sea and a rigorous continued assessment of my ability, seamanship and safety at sea.

I am now the proud new skipper of Meerkat and I am very excited to further my skills and show all you anglers out there what I am capable of!!!

Whether you are a seasoned angler looking for a 4/5 day channel islands trip, a specimen hunter looking for that new PB or somebody who has never held a rod before and just want a fun day out with friends and family then look no further. I am happy to pass on my knowledge and also learn from you, come and enjoy a day with the future of Weymouth's Charter fleet and feed off my enthusiasm for the job and sport.



Skippers Blog


Blog image New for 2017/ 2018 Winter.

This winter i will be running my own charter boat for all you anglers who are looking for a little bit cheaper inshore trips from November to the end of February. Main target will be late Bream fishing in November. Whiting, Rays and Conger through December and January. Also specimen Blonde ray trips in January/ February.

But please dont worry Meerkat will still be up and running through the winter so if you fancy a trip out on her give me a shout.

For more information please visit Gypsy deepsea page.

Blog image ***** SHARK TRIPS 2018 *****

We can now safely say we can offer Shark trips aboard Meerkat anything from 3 to 5 days away to Dartmouth.

Rough lay out on what to expect on a 4 day trip away to this amazing bit of coast line.

Day 1 Bait/ Ground bait fishing for the Sharks then a drive to the Skerries bank for some Plaice fishing and we are only a 20 minute drive to the harbour then.

Day 2/3 it will be all about the Sharks leaving in between 7/8 and returning any where between 5/7pm and i will have a restaurant already booked for when we get back for dinner if you want to join us. If the weather is to bad for Shark fishing we will stay around Dartmouth and target all the mixture fishing, Pollock, Plaice, Conger, Huss etc but the aim is to get everyone into a Shark at some point.

Day 4 Home time:( on the way home we will stop for some fresh mackerel for your tea and if there are plenty top up my ground bait bin, then off to the wrecks to try for some Pollock and Bass.

The days may change around a little depending on length of trip and also the weather but are main aim is for everyone to have a great and enjoyable time away with no stress involved.

All Shark gear will be supplied at no extra cost and ground bait will be provided free of charge. If for some reason we cant get enough ground bait before your trip an extra little cost will be asked for so we can buy you some fresh fish for are ground bait mixture but its a maximum of £15pp and that is last resort.

We will have 9 on the boat to keep the cost down for everybody and there will be 6 rods out for the Sharks so i will be managing a time schedule so its fair for everybody. If we are coming to the end of the day and there are a coupe of people with no fish then we will let them have ago and if that doesn't work on the second day they will be on the rods first. The aim is for everyone to have ago and to keep it as fair and as cheap as possible. as we are fishing for the Sharks and its not your turn i am happy for you to fish on the bottom for the Whiting/ Gurnards or Mackerel as long as they are not catching are other rods.

I can book all B&B for you but if you fancy finding some where your self just ask and ive got a big recommendation list.

Prices for a 3 day trip is £250pp, 4 days £340pp, 5 days £420 or for a Whole boat booking £750 a day. Please allow on top for your B&Bs.

If you have any questions about these type of trips please feel free to ask on 07776182782 or

Dates in 2018 for these time of trips.

July 16th to the 19th 4 day trip. 1 Spaces available

October 8th to the 11th 4 day trip. 1 Space available

If i get enough interest for a 3 day trip i will start one off.

***************************************** 2018 DATES NOW AVAILABLE ****************************************

**************************************** DEEPSEA DIARY UP TO DATE FOR 2018 ******************************

**************************************** 07776182782 FOR MORE INFO ***************************************

******************************************* TRIPS TO GOOD TO MISS IN 2018 *******************************************

23rd April Experimental Turbot trip and ago for some Ling on the slack. £75pp 10 Spaces available.

30th September ( Sunday) A day after a big mummy Porbeagle Shark £90pp Max 6 on the boat.

Anchoring the mid channel wrecks

Well as are season starts slowly coming to the end there is some amazing fishing to be had on the inshore and mid channel wrecks fishing for the big wreck Bream, Conger, Ling and even Pollock/ Bass if you trot a lure back for them.

image one of five

A quick stop on the way out on a little inshore wreck and we manged to catch plenty of eels and we even had 4 on with only 4 people fishing.

image two of five

One of the smallest Bream on the wreck and this one went 3lb 8ozs.

image three of five

Jack Lott with the second Bream to the oat this one being 4lb 4ozs.

image four of five

A stunning Ling for Richard Brotherhood whilst fishing for Congers weighing 22lb.

image five of five

And saving the best till last local angler Rob Burgin caught this 5lb monster on a inshore wreck. at the moment its the biggest in the Weymouth angling center specimen hunt.

England squad weekend

We was lucky enough to have the future England team down in Weymouth practising for next years world championships and selecting there team for this event. Its amazing watching some of the standard of anglers who turn up and its almost like they can catch a fish in a puddle sometimes.

image one of five

Gary Galbrath who was a world champion 2 years ago in Ireland with a nice Undulate ray whilst fishing for Bream.

image two of five

Steve Batchelor manager of the England home team with a little bit of a surprise on the end of his hook and only the 3rd one caught on Meerkat ( octopus).

image three of five

Colin Searles showing everybody why he was in the World team with this fine double shot with a Red Gurnard and a Spotted Ray.

image four of five

Martin with a lucky Cod on his 3 down rig fishing for Bream and Dogs but they all count even if it was by mistake.

image five of five

Another none fish specie on the boat this time to Colin with a Squid.

Dartmouth Continued

When we go to Dartmouth on are 3 to 5 day trips its not just shark fishing it has to offer we also have the Skerries banks for some Plaice fishing and around the edges there is some amazing Ray fishing to be had, Also with in 20 Miles there is a massive selection of wrecks for Pollock and Bass. There is just so much we can do when we arrive there.

image one of five

Stunning 20lb Blonde Ray caught by one of are regular anglers Chris Reek.

image two of five

Something we don't see to often in Weymouth a Grey gurnard but this one is the new boat record being 1lb 2ozs.

image three of five

Another rare species this time its a very rare Chub mackerel a first for Meerkat.

image four of five

Sometimes its not always about the fishing its also about the time you have away and enjoying your little fishing break.

image five of five

We was lucky enough to have a little Dolphin display on are way home.

Experimental Dartmouth Shark Trip

This year my aim has been to find an area i can start Shark fishing and getting half sensible numbers so everyone has got the best chance to catch a fish so we don't go home with any blankers. With the first attempt being Guernsey what worked for us but it was just that little bit to far to travel and very weather dependent, so it was back to the drawing board and i came up with heading to Dartmouth and trying it from there and also its not just shark fishing it has to offer you also have the Skerries Bank for Plaice and rough ground all over the place for Rays, Congers etc. Any way the Shark fishing was a massive success for are first try and we will be down there a lot more next year so have a look on my online diary and come join in the action.

image one of five

First run within 10 minutes a Porgie around 45/50lb who fell to Shark virgin Cieron.

image two of five

Closely followed by Jeffs first ever Porgie only around 25lb but still gives a good tug.

image three of five

Mike Wallis from Wally's Shark Rigs who now proudly sponsors Meerkat with his first fish on.

image four of five

Mike after a little battle with a 55lb Blue landed on one of his own traces.

image five of five

Best fish of the day ended up being Cieron again with a 65/70lb Blue. After the whole day of fishing we had 9 Blues and 4 Porgies and with 9 anglers on the boat we had everyone with a fish landed through out the day.

Experimental Guernsey trip

The Experimental Guernsey trip was a massive success the whole reason of the trip was to go out looking for some Blue sharks, after last years trip down there we found a rough area we fancied trying for those beautiful sharks so we headed down there hoping we would see signs of life and we wasn't disappointed for are first try.

image one of five

A touch of Bass fishing on the way over to Guernsey, John Dowling with the best bang on 7lb.

image two of five

Mike Trowbridge getting the hang of the hard fish conditions for the prize catch.

image three of five

unfortunately the 2nd day of the trip got cancelled due to the weather so a day around the island for us all but the 3rd day we managed to squeeze it in and tried for what we have been waiting for.

image four of five

Mike and his son both caught there first ever Blue shark whilst we were over there.

image five of five

Mike Wallis owner and maker of wallys shark rigs was booked on the trip to help us out with all the traces. He manged to wiggle out his first ever Guernsey shark and to be a part of something different for a Weymouth boat. Also highly recommend Mike for his shark rigs a lot of love and care go into making them .

Evening trips 2017

Its that time of year now where we starting doing some evening trips so me and the misses decided to head out one evening on my other boat Gypsy just to see how 1 of the inshore marks were fishing and we wasn't disappointed.

First image of three

The misses (Katie) with the first Ray on the boat with in the first hour.

First image of three

For a moment i thought i was going to get out fished once again but i did manage to keep in front.

First image of three

And then she ended up getting another one just to rub it in.


Inshore so far 2017

Well as most people now know the fishing hasn't been at its best this year by all means but there are still some good fishing to be had with now the summer Bream run starting and hopefully should keep getting better and last till November. But also when the fishing is being a little bit difficult its always worth throwing the hook over and you never know whats going to come up then.

image one of five

Regular group organiser Wayne from Andover with his personal best Blonde ray caught whilst anchored up on the Shambles. 21lb

image two of five

Another group organiser of a Bristol club ( Black Down Sea Angling Club) with a cracking Bull Huss 13lb 8ozs.

image three of five

Some Stonking Bream coming in around Portland at the moment. Fingers crossed it carry's on.

image four of five

Even sometimes i get to dangle a rod my self and wiggled out one of my best Thornback rays.

image five of five

Another 3lb+ Bream.


Meerkats first ever shark on the boat.

A day on the wrecks targeting the Congers ended up producing loads of eel up-to 50lb and a very rare surprise for us from Weymouth but is also very welcome. This stunning baby Porbeagle shark weighing in at 38lb.

First image of three

Jake Brotherhood also caught his Personal best Conger the drop before he hooked the Porbeagle.


Experimental big fish day

Steaming back from a wreck one day early April we came across some really rough ground with massive depth changes so we marked that and thought we would try it one day and the 3rd of May was the day and what a result we got from there.

image one of five

we was only anchored for 5 Minutes and straight away we had 2 fish on. One of them being this 18lb Tope caught by Aaron which also was his biggest fish he has ever caught.

image two of five

Next fish up fell to one of my hire rods was this 14lb pregnant Spurdog.

image three of five

One of the Weymouth Angling centre staff came out for the day and was amazed how good big fishing really is.

image four of five

Derek Hunt got amongst the action with another double figure Spurdog.

image five of five

Brother Mike Hunt had the best fish of the day on slack water with the biggest Tope of the year so far 32lb.

Flamer IV Vs Meerkat Flat Fish and Supanova Vs Meerkat Pollock Competition results

Well another successful start on Meerkat so far this year with 2 Wins under are belts all ready. First one was the Flat fish competition against Flamer IV where all the flat fish count and have different scores then at the end of the day we add the scores up divided them by how many anglers we have and that gives us are result. We was lucky enough to find a nice patch of fish what gave us 24 Turbot and 2 Brill, unfortunately all the fish were small so they all got chucked back for another day. Second competition was against Supanova but this time for Pollock. This time every angler puts £5 in the pot for the Biggest Pollock caught on either boat also another prize for the angler who catches the Most Pollock.

image one of five

Local Angler Jim with the best Turbot of the day with a nice 5lb fish, Jim also was joint first with my other local angler Rob Burgin with 7 fish each.

image two of five

The A team with the trophy for the 3rd year in a row.

image three of five

We had an amazing stamp of fish all day from start to finish with plenty of double figure fish coming aboard.

image four of five

My top angler with the most fish of the day, catching a total of 9 Pollock closely followed by a couple of angler with 8.

image five of five

And the winning fish taking home £95 was this perfect conditioned Pollock of 13lb 12ozs. Thank you to everyone who took part and make these trips happen, hope to see you all next year to help defend the title.