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Charter Boat - Peace and Plenty | Published by: Jamie Pullin | Skipper of: Peace and Plenty

Image of the charter boat Peace and Plenty
Image of charter boat skipper Jamie Pullin

Jamie Pullin

Boat Details

Type11m South Boat Catamaran
PowerCummins Turbo Diesels
LicenceMCA 60 miles
Pax12 + Crew

Skipper Details

SkipperJamie Pullin
Address16 Hardy Avenue
County Dorset
Post CodeDT4 0RJ
Mobile07886 931406
About Peace and Plenty   'Blog' Last Updated 1st Aug 2017 at 3:09 pm

 Last season!!

As many of you now know this is my last season on the peace and plenty.
Thank you to all that have been fishing with me.

But this season is still in full swing with the breaming now starting. plz view my calendar to to book your space



Peace and Plenty is a purpose built South Boats Catamaran
She is 36 feet long with a 16 feet beam and is a very stable fishing platform,
Her primary role is to cater for the modern angler who doesn't mind going long distances but wants to do it quickly and comfortably,

Peace & Plenty carries many angling parties to the channel island of Alderney and to allow her to make the journey from Weymouth to Alderney in a short a time as possible she is fitted with twin Cummins 210 hp Turbo charged diesel engines,
She also has a fully insulated fish room which when loaded with ice will keep your catch fresh for up to 5 days, This is a very important feature since most of the trips to Alderney are held in the summer months and can be 3, 4 or 5 days in duration



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 Weymouth Fishing Trips

Peace & Plenty runs trips out of Weymouth all year round, When we are not in the Channel islands you can take advantage of a local day out fishing the prolific waters around Weymouth & Portland,

We do Wreck fishing trips for Conger, Ling, Pollack, Cod etc. etc.
Bank fishing for Bass, Brill, Plaice, and Turbot.
Reef fishing for a very wide variety of species which include:- Cod, Conger, Bream, Huss, Tope, Whiting, Bass, Rays etc.etc..

There are also hosted days by Allen Yates from that can be found in the calender


 Channel Islands Fishing Trips

The channel island trips start in April each year, the trips are run as a holiday outing for the passengers our regular anglers on these trips have helped us with their input and we now believe that our schedule of events works best for everyone,

A typical 4 day trip would run like this,

Day 1.
Starts with all on board for 07.00 hrs we leave our pontoon birth and first stop is the Weyfish store to take on fresh ice, once the fish room is loaded with ice we leave harbour and proceed to our first mid channel Wreck marks,
We fish the wrecks for a couple of hours and then proceed towards the channel islands, whilst we are steaming we take the opportunity to fillet our catch and lay the fillets down on ice in our fish room,
We continue to fish several wrecks enroute and at around 18.00 hrs we arrive at our channel island destination, all the fish are now filleted and on ice and all we need to do is stow our fishing gear, grab our luggage and head off to our accommodation,

Day 2.
Starts at 09.00 hrs leaving the port to fish one of the many sand banks around the islands for Turbot, Brill, Bass, and Rays

Day 3.
Day 3 is very similar to day 2 and is organised to suit the passengers, we are sometimes asked if we can go wrecking on day 3 so this day is always quite flexible,

Day 4.
Last day of our 4 day trip we leave the port at 08.00 to fish the wrecks in the Hurd Deep, the Hurd Deep is up to 120 metres deep and contains some very productive wrecks we plunder these until around midday and start to work our way back to Weymouth stopping at several more wrecks on the way, we finally arrive back in Weymouth at around 17.45 to unload all the fish for you to take home,

We usually have a good supply of live sandeels in our live bait tanks, if we run short we also carry our own sandeel trawl, so we can almost always restock with fresh eels if necessary, best of all we don't charge for the eels! just help yourselves....

Channel Island trips can be 2,3,4 or 5 days in duration to suit your needs