Charter Boats of Langstone Harbour

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Sea Fishing and Diving in Langstone Harbour

Here is a list of Professional Sea Fishing and Diving Charter Boats operating from the Port of Langstone Harbour.
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Stuff you might need during your fishing trip…

Seasickness medication... Start taking two days before the off if you are a sufferer!
If you get caught out with sea sickness... Try lying down in a quiet and shaded spot and try to take a nap, the results of a short nap will often mean your sea sickess is cured!

Beverages and food... Sea air makes you very hungry.
Sunglasses and a hat.
Sun-block… you never know, the sun will reflect of the sea and very few fishing boats are fitted with parasols!
Scissors to cut line, this is much safer than using a knife, you can also use scissors to trim bait!
Suitable footwear. Once your feet are wet, they will be uncomfortable all day!
Warm clothing and waterproofs. Waterproofs can be a god send when it is raining, pop some into a bag just in case.
A bag or box to take your catch home. Be careful during hot summer weather as fish left in a black bin liner will go off remarkably quickly!