Shande III is a Offshore 105 and is Skippered by , Shande III is Powered by:450hp Neff Turbo Diesel, Shande III is Licensed to carry 12 + Crew and her licence details are: MCA 60 miles you can contact Ian Goff on 01392 209230 | 07720 004544, for details on how to contact Ian Goff by email visit his 'Contact Me' page at ''

Charter Boat - Shande III | Published by: Ian Goff | Skipper of: Shande III - Full Time Skipper

Image of the charter boat Shande III
Image of charter boat skipper Ian Goff

Ian Goff

Boat Details

TypeOffshore 105
Power450hp Neff Turbo Diesel
LicenceMCA 60 miles
Persons12 + Crew

Contact Details

Phone01392 209230
Mobile07720 004544


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Shande III Blog   Updated 23rd Sep 2018


Skipper - Ian Goff is a full time skipper working from the port of Exmouth.
Shande operates Sea Fishing trips from Exmouth and is available all year round.
Other activities include:
Guard boat duties
Photography & film making
Personnel transfer
Light cargo work
Water sampling


Deepsea Fishing

Wreck fishing daily up to 50 miles, parties and individuals
Bassing locally on wrecks and ground
Plaice fishing on the famous Skerries Banks
3/5 day Channel Island trips
Shark fishing
Specimen hunting

Fitted for larger than average deck. All the latest electronics. Live bait tank.


Skippers Blog


Channel Islands Trips:

Fishing from the island of alderney is second to none, some fantastic fishing with plenty of Turbot & Brill during May & early June.
We do catch them in July & August, but the best is sooner rather than later in the year.

The Bass Black Bream & Tope seem to show more from July onwards, the cod fishing in the middle of the channel is usually great also Pollack fishing still good even into August.

In the past 5 years, fishing in the channel islands has been amazing to say the least,watch the video.

I am now taking bookings for 2017 to avoid disappointment you must book early.

DATES AVAILABLE for CHANNEL ISLANDS 2017 NOW! so call me or Email me asap (Accommodation booked for you)
We also specialise in 3, 4 and 5 day mainland trips with accommodation booked for you.
email me or call me A.S.A.P

Call me on: 01392 209230 or 07720004544 or e-mail using my contact page or at leaving your name and telephone number. I will get back to you asap.
Be lucky. Good fishing


First image of three

Kevin's P/B 10lbs Bass

First image of three

Chris's 18lbs 7oz Pollock

First image of three

Alan's 10lbs Pollock

First image of three

Mike's 15lbs Pollock

Posted by: Ian Goff

image one of five

Another good size Pollock for Phil! This one came using sidewinders.

image two of five

Steady Eddy had a Xmas bonus with this fine 8lbs Bass amongst the Pollock. Well done mate!

image three of five

Well done Dean! Nice Bass & Pollock today. There are some good size Pollock amongst the Bass lads. The winter Pollock are starting to show.

image four of five

Nice Bass Alan. This was the best Bass on the boat! For some reason the Bass weren't playing in good numbers today, but well done on your efforts lads! Good tides this weekend & we have 2 spaces this Saturday left.

image five of five

Veteran Bill showing the lads how to fish with Dexters. Good fish Bill!


Sea Fishing Image Number One

30.08.15 - Cracking summer Pollock for Paul. Whilst Bassing was top of the list, Pollock like these are great sport on light tackle. Well done mate!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

30.08.15 - A typical size Bass that there seem to be plenty of on our wrecks lads! Sidewinders are doing the trick. We had Bass, Pollock and Cod today.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

31.08.15 - Cracking Bass Martin. After putting two back, this was his reward!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

25.09.15 - Mike's personal best Bass! This fish fell to a side winder. Plenty of Bass on our wrecks lads!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

25.09.15 - Best Bass of the day for Grant, Well done lads! Great fishing for the lads today. There are plenty of Bass on our wrecks. Well done Grant!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

26.06.15 - Nice Brill for Paul, who was on a 5 day trip to Alderney. Mackerel strip did the trick.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

26.06.15 - Colin's first Brill & first trip to Alderney. 5 days of sun, sea, fishing, food & plenty of beer! Tony, tell the wife mate.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

26.06.15 - Nice Brill Mike! Mike was on a 5 day trip to Alderney, we all caught plenty of Cod on way over & back & a nice lot of Turbot & Brill on the Middle days.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

26.06.15 - Mike's brother, Paul, not to be out done... He got on the Cod, Turbot and Brill! Well done mate.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

26.06.15 - Nice Turbot for Paul, I forgot to mention Mike, Paul said thanks for showing him what to do and lending him your gear and being a good sport about the fact he beat you. Paul was top man with 20 Turbot & Brill in 3 days ;) Well done Paul!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

20.09.14 - Get on Bill, nice Plaice mate! There are plenty of Plaice like this on the Banks.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

20.09.14 - The best today! This fish for Grant is a fine example of what we are catching now!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

20.09.14 - Get on Trev! Best Plaice today so far, Worm & squid did the trick this time.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

20.09.14 - Leigh is on the Plaice again, this fish took the Prawn

Sea Fishing Image Number One

21.09.14 - Nice Bass Steve. The Bass proved hard work today lads, but with big tides here this week the big numbers of Bass should be here soon!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

Well done Trevor, nice Bass mate! The fishing was slow this morning but it came good later in the day.

Sea Fishing Image Number Two

Nice Bass Steve! Typical size Bass on our wrecks lads.

Sea Fishing Image Number Three

What a start to the day! This cracking Bass for Radek fell to a 'Black Minnow'.

Sea Fishing Image Number Four

Good Bass Paul! There are plenty of Bass on our wrecks lads, 4 and sometimes 5 a drift today. 'White Sidewinders' did the trick!


Alderney 09.06.14 - 13.06.14
Sea Fishing Image Number One

Nearly 20lbs mate, but not Quite. Steve's Cod was 19lbs 8oz .... a cracking fish. Fish like this are on our wrecks now lads

Sea Fishing Image Number One

Get on Neil! This turbot at 9lbs put up a good scrap for Neil. We won't mention the Grenade mate! haha

Sea Fishing Image Number One

P/B Cod for Roger. First time on a channel island trip. He thought he had a monster, It took the scales to 16lbs!

Sea Fishing Image Number One

Phils Turbot was in to double figures at 10lbs 4oz. This fish fell to Mackerel strip.

Sea Fishing Image Number One

Tigers first trip to Alderney will be rememberd for a long time! This 9lbs Turbot fell to mackerel strip. Good fish mate, well done!

First image of three

18lbs Personal best Cod, caught on board Shande 3!

First image of three

Well done to Phil for landing this 22lbs Cod. Nice large Cod being caught off wrecks out of Exmouth!

First image of three

Amazing job Dave! This 25lbs Cod took to a sidewinder. Not quite a personal best but a big one still