Yell Rebel is a Aquabell 33 and is Skippered by , Yell Rebel is Powered by:Nanni 320 hp, Yell Rebel is Licensed to carry 12 + 2 and her licence details are: Cat 2 60 miles you can contact John Keggie on 07793 120958 | , for details on how to contact John Keggie by email visit his 'Contact Me' page at ''

Charter Boat - Yell Rebel | Published by: John Keggie | Skipper of: Yell Rebel

Image of the charter boat Yell Rebel
Image of charter boat skipper John Keggie

John Keggie

Boat Details

TypeAquabell 33
PowerNanni 320 hp
LicenceCat 2 60 miles
Persons12 + 2

Contact Details

Phone07793 120958


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Yell Rebel Blog   Updated 27th Jul 2018

Fishing from Cullivoe in Shetland on Yell Rebel

If you want to experience the best Cod & Ling fishing available in the UK then give me a call and try Shetland. I was the first charter skipper to embark upon charter angling from Cullivoe Shetland in 2010.This was with my old vessel Oberon. I have a vast knowledge of the Shetland waters and the conditions you can expect. If you won't get the best fishing available due to poor weather i won't take you out. I have 7 years experience of the Shetland waters and 15 years as a charter skipper operating from Oban, Poole,Shetland and La Gomera. Year after year we have landed huge cod and specimen fish aboard my vessels with the present best Cod at 46 lbs for Shetland .

Every season we catch large numbers of Cod over 30 lbs. Coal-fish to 30 lbs. Ling to over 40 lbs with the best at 62 lbs. We can scale down the tackle and catch good plaice. We have caught many Turbot to over 20 lbs and have Turbot over 30 lbs. Common Skate also come aboard regularly.

**** This season 2018 in four weeks we have had Ling to 50 lbs, Cod to 33 lbs, Pollack to 16 lbs and Coalfish to 28 lbs. We have had Halibut and decent haddock. On every trip we have had good catches and plenty of big Cod...

Dates for 2019 are being taken now and if you wish to book a trip you should do so soon as most dates will be filled before the end of this season. Please check my calendar from this page or give me a call on 07793120958 and i will be happy to discuss the fishing and accommodation that is available.

John Keggie 07793120958


Yell Rebel

Since May 2018 John Keggie has been back fishing out of Cullivoe in the Shetland isles on the new vessel Yell Rebel. We have been fishing wrecks and offshore marks with small parties of up to six anglers. Targeting Big Cod & record breaking Coalfish along with huge Ling to 50 lbs ....... Call John on 07793120958 for further info or check out my facebook page john keggie and Flugga fishing


Yell Rebel

Having fished with an aquastar 43, a Rodman 12.50 and a Southboat cat i wanted to get a vessel that would sit low in the water to avoid drifting too fast in the Shetland's wind & tide. I also wanted to be close to the water as gaffing fish constantly for 6 to 8 hours can be very hard work. The new boat is an Aquabell 33 workboat built by Goodchild marine. she is coded for 12 but as i limmet numbers in Shetland to 8 max and often 6 she i ideal. With a cruise speed of 15 knots we will be on the grounds in less than 40 minutes from leaving our harbour.

I have just completed 20 days with her and she sits well in the conditions we get in Shetland. She has a 600 KG fish hold and plenty of space for angling. I must compliment the builders of this vessel Good-child Marine on the quality of build and the sea keeping ability.


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In 2016 we started to anchor over slack water in deep holes and found cod to 46 lbs and ling to 48 lbs. less than 500 metres from shore!

If you want to catch a 30 lbs cod and ling on the wrecks to 40 lbs plus then you must try Shetland.

First image of three

Keiran with his 46 lbs cod

First image of three

The two Dougies with two 30 lbs plus cod on the same drift

First image of three

Sha with two plus 20 Turbot, he caught 6 for the day with the smallest at 14 lbs

First image of three

Billy & Stevie with some nice fish